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It's an interracial site featuring sexy blonde babes sucking and screwing black dudes. Hold up, I should actually tell you that not all the women are blonde, but they are all white. The site is huge with 479 mostly good-quality videos (the 100 or so most recent ones are HD) and about 331 photo galleries. Vids come in clips and full-length files. You can download the pics in handy Zip files. You're only getting one new episode a week, but you also get access to the entire 20-site DogfartNetwork to help kill time and it

includes InterracialBlowBang, GloryHole and WatchingMyMomGoBlack just to name a few sites. Most of the network is focused on black dudes and white chicks. You're getting a ton of movies, photos and theme-appropriate extras, so it's a large interracial-loving experience. BlacksOnBlondes is big, still growing and high in quality. It's definitely worth your time and money.

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Interracial Blow Bang

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A group of black men get together to hold meetings about their plight and the how they're oppressed by the white men. Then at the end of the InterracialBlowBang meeting, they bring in a sexy white chick and get her to blow all of them until they cover her with jizz (they also often fuck her). There are 51 episodes consisting of a high-res photo gallery and a great or HD-quality video. Unfortunately, updating is slow, but you also get access to the entire 20-site DogfartNetwork to help kill time and it

includes BlacksOnBlondes, GloryHole and WatchingMyMomGoBlack just to name a few sites. Most of the network is focused on black dudes and white chicks. You're getting a ton of movies, photos and theme-appropriate extras, so it's a large interracial-loving experience. Taking all that into account, things are looking pretty worthwhile for the network of action.

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Watching My Daughter Go Black

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The basic scripted premise behind WatchingMyDaugterGoBlack is daughters who love black guys and fathers who don't like that their daughters like black guys. There are 30 episodes available and in each one the daughter gets what she loves and the father ends up watching in horror. The pictures are high-res and the videos are availabel in HD and can be both streamed and downloaded. The big problem is the slow updating (every couple months or so in general these days). The good news is that there are 20 mostly interracial bonus sites included with your membership, which adds nice value to the whole deal.

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WifeWriting adds an interesting twist to married ladies who love extramarital relations with hung black men. Interracial loving isn't so unusual, but it doesn't typically involve writing comments about a woman all over her body in black marker. You will find 38 episodes, each with an average-quality video and high-res photo set. The action may not be the most politically correct considering some ladies are marked "no crackers allowed," but the hardcore blowjobs and penetration is hot. They haven't updated in months. The 20 network bonus sites are a great extra as they are also mostly interracial sites and some of them are still growing.

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CumBang has 62 episodes, each with a great-quality video (a few offer HD) and high-res photo gallery. The premise of the site has generated some controversy. You'll see lovely ebony beauties who end up surrounded by a crowd of white hillbillies with their dicks pulled out of their pants. Lots of blowjobs ensue and the gal usually ends up with a face full of jizz. The source of the controversy are the shirts and socks that the hicks wear because they have the Confederate flag on them. Even some of the black models wear the clothes. They have been updating every two months, but there are 20 bonus sites with lots more interracial content available.

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WatchingMyMomGoBlack is a hardcore interracial site in which white guys are forced to watch their mothers get fucked by one or more black dudes with large schlongs. There are presently 59 episodes and each comes with a great-quality video (the most recent ones have an HD option). You can also check out a set of high-res pictures that you can download in Zip files. The content in the past was updating weekly, but it is now doing so on a monthly basis. While you wait for the next MILF bang, you can check out the 20 mostly interracial sites included as a very nice bonus. With the DogfartNetwork behind it a membership does gain some value.

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The kings of interracial hardcore porn have finally released a mega-site. With this one membership you are entering into a hardcore black-on-white world where big dicks and wet chicks play. There are about 20 sites in total and you are looking at 2,784 scenes with 2,000 photo sets. Video quality can be as good as HD and enough sites are updating that you get new porn multiple times a week, from interracial lesbian play to dark-dick gloryholes and much in between. Some of the 20 sites you can access are:

BlacksOnBlondes - The granddaddy of hardcore interracial sites, it is probably what the Dogfart guys are most known for - and with good reason! CuckoldSessions: White guys stand there naked while their hot ladies get slammed by one or two well-hung black guys - and if they're lucky they get to clean up the mess. ZebraGirls: Interracial lesbian action is the name of this site's game. RuthBlackwell: Watch as Ruth tries and tries to have a black offspring one or two creampies at a time. And, yes, you get to see her preggo also. Basically, if you like interracial porn, then there is no reason you shouldn't be joining this site. These guys have been doing it for 15 years and they've been doing it hardcore and doing it well!

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There aren't too many DVD download sites in the Asian niche, in fact they're quite rare. The video collection here is huge. There are currently 4,412 DVDs online, and those are full-length 90 minute DVDs! Having such a large collection really lets them offer a great mix of action, while still maintaining a strong focus on bukkake content. Members will enjoy categories like rough sex, lesbian, teen, amateur, anal, bondage, catfight, deep throat, orgy, fisting, idols, interracial, costumes, POV, handjobs, and more. The content at AsiaMoviePass is absolutely amazing both in terms of quality and quantity. The DVD's are exactly that... DVD quality WMV's, with most file sizes exceeding 1GB. In fact, AsiaMoviePass has just introduced "Blu Ray" quality videos at 1920x1080 resolution. As you can imagine, seeing a big pair of Japanese tits in High Def. is nothing short of heavenly! With over 1 full Japanese Porn DVD added daily, AsiaMoviePass will keep your right hand happy for a very long time! With that in mind, I can tell you that AsiaMoviePass is worth the money!

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Every white bitch wants to get fucked by an ebony guy (or two!). While she is still dreaming, a 3D slut does it! But don't think 3D interracial sex is something like ordinary fucking but with black dudes. Interracial 3D porn is everything but boring sex - it is crazy and very brutal hardcore games, where blackies don't need "yes" of white sluts! Crazy bdsm pain-pleasure games are also here! Hurry up to watch it in 3D porn pics!

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Giant ebony cocks rip white pussies and assholes and blast huge loads of hot jizz in cum-greedy mouths as these dark-skinned demons, mutants and aliens go totally berserk deep inside of busty white chicks. BrutalInterracial delivers uncensored hardcore fucking the way it's meant to be - far beyond anything other porn sites can offer. Join right now and witness the wildest interracial action ever! Your membership gives access to a huge network with tons of niche sites and DVDs to see!

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BlackBrazilianShemales has 63 episodes. They include videos that are great in quality right up to coming in HD. You have a choice between partial and full-length clips. In some cases, if you want the best-quality viewing option, you may need to pick the partial scenes. There are high-res photos for each scene too. There's a daily download limit, but it has doubled from 4GB to 8GB. There have been no new updates in years, so you're getting quality, rather than a continually growing quantity of content on this site. I'd still consider joining for maybe a couple of months and after the first 30 days have past, you can choose yourself one bonus site from a choice of six possibilities.

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Black Shemale X

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While BlackShemaleX may be a cool name, there's nothing cool about the minimal amount of content the website gives its members. Still, the 18 movies are stellar in quality and the 18 photo sets come in convenient Zip files. You will find a couple of hardcore sucking and fucking scenes with one adding in a nice light bondage twist. The other show solo action. I just wish that the updates weren't three weeks apart and that the cost of being a member wasn't so pricey. You get ten bonus sites, though, so that makes it seem a little less over the top when it comes to the price.

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