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There aren't too many DVD download sites in the Asian niche, in fact they're quite rare. The video collection here is huge. There are currently 4,412 DVDs online, and those are full-length 90 minute DVDs! Having such a large collection really lets them offer a great mix of action, while still maintaining a strong focus on bukkake content. Members will enjoy categories like rough sex, lesbian, teen, amateur, anal, bondage, catfight, deep throat, orgy, fisting, idols, interracial, costumes, POV, handjobs, and more. The content at AsiaMoviePass is absolutely amazing both in terms of quality and quantity. The DVD's are exactly that... DVD quality WMV's, with most file sizes exceeding 1GB. In fact, AsiaMoviePass has just introduced "Blu Ray" quality videos at 1920x1080 resolution. As you can imagine, seeing a big pair of Japanese tits in High Def. is nothing short of heavenly! With over 1 full Japanese Porn DVD added daily, AsiaMoviePass will keep your right hand happy for a very long time! With that in mind, I can tell you that AsiaMoviePass is worth the money!

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Teens Obedience Lesson

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TeensObedienceLesson brings you guys who keep girls in line by fucking them nice and hard. There's no lovemaking on the website, just rough sex that'll have you eager to download the 34 vids. Unfortunately, the vids can only be streamed. On the bright side, they look great and are hot. As for the 13 photo sets, they're comprised of high-res images that you can download in Zip files. There are extra vids and pics included as well as seven bonus sites. The dates on the updates indicate that the site adds new material about once a week or so, but the fact that the amount of smut has barely changed in the last six months might mean that they're rotating some content.

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Special Exercises

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The key idea of the site: severe and strict trainers (both men & women) give some cruel lessons to sexy amateur young ladies (18-21y.o.) teaching them to perform hard sport exercises the right way. All exercises are performed using the special program - the girls should be all nude and obedient during the whole action. And of course our cruel coaches will use the elements of BDSM and humiliation to get the maximum training effect and to satisfy their own perverted needs as well! The most interesting part: all our sweet girls will get their portion of real satisfaction from these special exercises closer to the end of their workouts! This site is 100% exclusive and original, the members get full size DVD-quality movies 30-50 minutes long and picture sets. As a member, you get 208 downloadable videos and 138 sets of pictures. The quality of the vids is often excellent, while the pictures are high-res. Updates come every eight days and there's a bonus sites featuring similar content for you to enjoy.

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Sex and Submission

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Bondage, domination and rough sex! An extremely intense BDSM site featuring all of the kinky fetish you lust and the hardcore sex you crave! These experienced dungeon masters engage in expert rope work and then fuck the brains out of these girls while they're restrained! A kinky combination of hardcore sex and fetish in one! SexAndSubmission is an extreme bondage and BDSM site brought to you by the fantastic Kink label. These guys are renowned as the best purveyors of BDSM, fetish and bondage content in porn and this site sees submissive women who absolutely love to be dominated. This site will give them their wish as well as these women are tied up, fucked hard, and treated just about as badly as they might actually want to be! The only website that produces genuine BDSM and hardcore sex together. Updates every week with original high quality videos and photos.

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Bound Gangbangs

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Beautiful nude women bound for real domination, humiliation and rough group sex. Group sex and bondage like you've never seen! BoundGangbangs features sexy ladies from all walks of life that want to live out certain multi-partner fantasies. Follow the submissive women from pre-interview to fantasy fulfillment to their post fuck after thoughts. Bound them bang them and then they leave them soaked with the aftermath. BoundGangbangs is a killer site with an interesting concept. I'd highly recommend it to anyone interested in rough sex, gang bangs, or bondage. Hell, even to those of you who are just sick of the more "vanilla" of cam sites in general. It's user-friendly, frequently updated, and constantly buzzing with live activity. Join now and as a bonus you'll get free access to HardcoreGangbang! 100% recommended.

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Rage Story

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What would you do if you found out that your wife or your girlfriend was cheating on you? Some people would cry, some people would leave, but the guys at this site are taking their anger and aggression out on the bitches that deceived them, by screwing them harder and deeper than they ever have before. At RageStory, you'll see all the crazy hate fucks, with chicks choking on dicks and begging for mercy. The episodes here are original, clever and exclusive. Sure it's acting, and they're porno stars so it's not the best. Not to mention the couples don't speak English, but the hardcore revenge sex is great. We're talking ball sucking, throat chocking, pussy drilling sex filled with rage. All the videos here are offered in high quality format with HD specs.

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Brutal Tops

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BrutalTops isn't your typical dungeon site, there's no leather gear or dungeon equipment. All the action takes place in a stark grey room with some gym equipment. The tops are forceful and aggressive, some well-built; the bottoms are regular guys, mostly in their twenties, and largely slender and smooth. If you're into guys on a leash, fisting, boot licking, verbal humiliation, brutalization, flogging, forced feminization, ass licking, spitting, forced cock sucking, and of course, ass fucking, then BrutalTops is going to give you an eyeful. There's also quite a bit of group action where two or more tops use a boy. This isn't the pussy BDSM you'll find in a lot of videos where the guys are basically wearing leather and having vanilla-type sex, these tops really are brutal. The site is not very big because it's just opened, but it's definitely worth checking out. And with a new video added every week, you'll be well stocked with videos to satisfy your kink.

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Public Disgrace

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PublicDisgrace is one of the most insane and outrageous fetish sites you will ever see. Top porn stars and an endless parade of gorgeous European newcomers find themselves bound, stripped naked, spanked, felt, fingered, humiliated and fucked hard in bars, on street corners, and in dungeons and private clubs in front of enraptured audiences. All of its scenes are set in public places, both indoors and outdoors, and it has some of the most daring public sex scenes that you will ever see. This isn't just some site where a girl quickly flashes her nipples - this features full hardcore sex, XXX-rated humiliation and bondage, and BDSM action that would be daring if it was shot in an intimate studio! It's all brought to you the by the award-winning Kink label. There are 160 episodes, each of which includes a high-def video as well as a downloadable option that will work on a portable device. You'll find photo galleries of crisp high-res photos. New scenes are added each week. The site is exclusive and worth your time and money.

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Totally Undressed

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These women look so modest, respectable and business-minded. Looks like it is pretty hard to induce them to take off clothes and make them do everything you want, right? But... Nothing of the kind - it is easier than ABC! Oh yes, each of these modest ladies is ready to 1) get nude in the presence of unknown people, 2) shove anal balls in her tight ass, 3) suck a silicone cock while yet another sex toy is drilling her pussy and finally 4) ride a dildo chair. What makes them do these crazy things? Everything is simple - they want to pass the job tests and get a well-paid top job! Of course, they feel confused in the beginning of such interviews as the absolute nudity (required by HRs) is unexpected and embarrassing. But in the end, most women cum hard while looking directly in the camera! There are 53 videos that can be streamed and downloaded. The best movies can be enjoyed in high-def. There are 42 sets of pictures to go along with the vids and they come with high-res images that you can download in Zip files. Updates come weekly, so the website is growing and should reach a decent size eventually.

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My Kinky GFs

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Real amateur porn usually deals with girls sucking cock and getting fucked. What if you want something naughtier and kinkier? That's what MyKinkyGFs is for! This is where the lovely ladies that like it hard, rough, and dirty submit their content. They're submissive sluts! Their sado boyfriends like to spank them and fuck their pussies and asses. They like to treat the girls as submissive slaves and use them in any way they please. It's sizzling hot salacious stuff. See what real people and real life pervs can do in the privacy of their own homes. Sexy young girls with kinky personalities explore taboo joys of sex - 100% kinky, 100% amateur!

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FuckedandBound is a hardcore bondage site featuring BDSM, bondage, hardcore anal fucking and rough sex all in one site. There's no shortage of kinky sex inside the members area where you'll find dozens of the dirtiest pain loving cum hungry bitches all getting the shit fucked out of them in high quality full length downloadable videos. What a crazy site! FuckedandBound has some very intense scenes mixed with some nice horny fucking. The models are all very good at what they do and make it great fun to watch. The pictures and videos they produce are excellent quality featuring all kinds of rough and kinky sex, make sure you checkout the hot brunette with iced feet! Great value at just $24.95 per month with updates once a week and 100% exclusive content. Visit FuckedAndBound.

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Sexually Broken

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Bondage, nipple clamps, breast suction, whips, canes, ass fucking, face fucking, forced orgasms - and that is just some of what happens on this fetish site. You'll see some really impressive bondage riggings to various pain delivery methods and plenty of cock work (skull fucking and some pussy and even anal pounding) and many forced orgasms. The design is good and each episode comes with a set of vid caps, a set of pictures and a video. The 39 videos are in HD and you have the option of streaming them in an embedded Flash player and downloaded them in a couple of formats, including MP4 and Windows Media. The site is pretty new and that explains why there are so few episodes available. But the good news is that they are updating three times a week, so growth is happening relatively quickly. The size of the site is really the only negative here, but the frequent updating will make it worth considering very soon - if you aren't there already.

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Gag N Gape

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If you can't decide on what niche you want to check out and it is a tossup between teens, gagging and or gaping anal, you should definitely check out Gag-N-Gape. Gag-N-Gape is full of hot teens swallowing monster cocks, getting their asses pounded to gaping levels and repeating the process over and over. Gag-n-gape offers extreme ass and throat fucking featuring hot teens getting fucked so hard and gaped so wide you could hear an echo in their ass!! Just as the free tour previews inside the members area you'll find a selection of high res photos and HD videos featuring extreme ass-to-mouth fucking available to download and keep forever. The girls are super hot, the content is excellent quality and updated regularly. You'll also find a members only forum and a number of teen bonus sites all available to access totally free with your membership.

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Defiled 18

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First they get naked, then they get into the cage then they get dragged out of the cage to suck cock and get fucked deep and rough! The Defiled18 babes don't get it easy, but who wants that? These chicks get their mouths fucked and their assholes gaped open. There are only about 20 episodes, but this new site is updating weekly and the vids come in a high-def full-length file. You will also get high-res images with each movie. There are 38 bonus sites, covering a range of hardcore niches (plenty featuring 18-23 year olds) that will keep you occupied while the main collection grows.

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Horny Thief Tales

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Some hot young girls don't lock the doors of their homes. Maybe they love the idea of burglars coming and having their way with them and their property! This is exactly what happens at HornyThiefTales, a thrilling new site where silly teen beauties offer everything they got to hard masked men. Guys break into houses looking for stuff to steal, but then they realize there's someone at home, and this is a super hot teen girl. What do they do? They use her in every way possible, of course! Shocked, scared, and weirdly turned on, the girls are unable to say 'NO'. Watch masked burglars have their way with poor silly girls. The chicks beg not to be hurt, but the only thing to be hurt today is their fresh virgin teen pussy! The movies are exclusive, the girls are hot and the fantasy is well played out. Tickle your nerves and something else with this masterpiece! Membership to the site includes free bonus access to 26 additional sites in the network.

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Gangster Fuck

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This site gets into hard and definitely rough gay sex with combinations of bondage, domination and other fetish activities. You might expect that a site named GangsterFuck is going to feature rough-looking, black and Latin guys in nasty sex scenes, but these gangsters are white, bad boys from Europe. Their city is out of control with crime and these thugs are caught in the act. These young criminal are brought until control, not by the police, but by some very rough and mercilessly thugs. Each young criminal is captured and restrained, they're stripped (most of the times the clothes are ripped and cut off their bodies), and then they're put through the ringer. Beatings, bondage, humiliation, degradation, spankings and other corporal punishment, and all of this before their asses are fucked without mercy.

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European girls seem to be all smiles and sunshine when you see them. But the smiles are masking what most of them go through when it's business time in the bedroom, or in the dungeon. Cute chicks are being abused and tortured, all in the name of sex. But they just can't get enough of it! You've never seen hardcore sex quite like what's at Hardcored. You'll see babes choking on big cocks, desperately trying to breathe before it's stuffed into their tight slits. But the real punishment is saved for when they get fucked in their assholes here. Exclusive content from all over europe - absolutely original rough sex photos, gigs of extreme violent movies, hundreds of maniac stories!

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Dominated Girls

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DominatedGirls currently has 227 scenes of spectacular BDSM to check out. You'll get a new scene every week and you'll have access to mostly HD Windows Media and MP4 files to boot. As you may imagine, all of the scenes feature lovely gals in bondage and domination. There's plenty of hardcore to enjoy amidst all of the BDSM as these chicks love pain as much as they do pleasure. Each scene comes with a high-res photo set. Check out chicks bound in all sorts of ways with several kinds of material, like chains, ropes, devices and such. Their tits are flogged and clamped, their asses and pussies are caned and they're forced to do all sorts of things, like suck dildos and gobble and fuck dick. There's wax play, pins, clamps and weights on pussy lips and some babes are dominated by more than one Dom at a time. In addition to numerous girls being dominated by hardcore Masters you also get 36 bonus sites right off the bat, some from the 21 Sextreme network. Home Porn Reality, Old Young Lesbian Love, Teach Me Fisting, Zoliboy and Mandy Is Kinky are a few to check out. The various types of torture and bondage make DominatedGirls worth joining.

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Don't Fuck My Ass

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When a teen hottie tell you, don't fuck my ass, what do you do? Right, you totally fuck her ass! Don'tFuckMyAss exposes hot tricky teenies who deny access to their virgin poopers yet are secretly in love with the idea of getting their backdoors opened with cock. Don'tFuckMyAss is a great new site which welcomes hot innocent teens as anal virgins and leaves them as spoiled anal sluts. If you feel like watching how teen girls discover their anal needs and passions for the first time, make sure you check out this site's growing video collection. A solid product by all means, the site makes a favorable impression with every aspect attended to. Time has come to check out all these sweet, seemingly innocent European and Russian teen babes getting their anal cherry popped! This brand new site is loaded with first-time teen anal videos in HD, and you don't miss these. The site updates weekly with a new photo set or video and membership gets you access to seven bonus sites and some extra vids and pics.

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Special Examination

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SpecialExamination is packed to the max with HQ photo and video reports from physical and gyno exams, including flexibility tests and photo sessions, where real girls get nude, exposed and scrupulously inspected. Female and male doctors (rubber-gloved hands included!) make the girls feel embarrassed and even humiliated. At times, the examinees are ready to burst into tears but control themselves as they must go through this to get a promised good job. Every SpecialExamination episode is a full medical checkup report, featuring a girl who has to get totally nude to undergo a physical exam, including the chest, waist and hips measurements; the blood pressure, temperature and weight control; flexibility and stamina tests (a set of nude sport exercises). In addition to this total physical exam, girls have to pass through a gyno examination. There're also military physical exams. The site features 147 videos, the vids can all be downloaded as Windows Media files and they offer good-quality playback. All vids come with sets of pics, but only 138 of them give you actual photographs and not vid caps. Updates come every 10 days and bonus videos are included with your membership.

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Brutal Anal Sex

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Girls love it when huge cocks are shoved inside their asses. It's an addiction many women can't kick with that feeling of a large dick rammed inside their tight asshole while being held down or forced to suck on another hard prick. This kind of fucking is not for the soft-hearted, with asses stretched to the limit, girls doing double penetration or deep-throating and getting used like a play toy - it's about to get very brutal! BrutalAnalSex dominates many other sites solely because of their hardcore rough sex attitude in everything they publish. If the girl doesn't get mouth fucked, ass fucked, taste her own ass or suck on another dick while getting rammed from behind, then it's not going on this site. BrutalAnalSex isn't trying to please everyone, but they do please their members with weekly updates, over 100+ videos, and more than 3,700 photos. The quality of the videos and pics needs to be improved and we would like to see more bonuses, but for the rough sex enthusiasts, very few sites can compete with BrutalAnalSex.

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Pain Vixens

Overall Rating: 79/100

PainVixens is a website that's all about kinky stuff like extreme bondage, rough blowjobs and intense fucking and flogging, among other things. There aren't any actual photos, but there are 121 great-quality videos that you can stream or download in MP4 format. In terms of extras, members get access to 40 bonus fetish websites that cover a lot of kinky ground, like PVC, rubber, facesitting and much more. There were update issues in the past, but they've been adding something new once a week for many months. Fetishists who have a variety of interests will truly appreciate the extras, but the site on its own is certainly decent.

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Lesbian Army

Overall Rating: 90/100

The main idea of the site: sexually attractive young women serve in the lesbian army. At the end of each day, after hard physical exercises, these servants are getting fucked by their strict female sergeants. Nude, sweaty and dirty, with big strapons in the exhausted pussies, they get familiar with the hot breath of a sergeant from the back! Army is a tough thing, indeed! This site is 100% exclusive and original, the members get full size HD-quality movies 20-30 minutes long and picture/stills sets. There are 41 videos available for download as Windows Media files that provide great-quality playback. The 37 photo sets have, on average, 50 super high-res pics in a gallery and follow the action from the video closely. There are no Zip files. Updates arrive every 16 days and a bonus site is included, along with videos from other sites sprinkled into the collection.

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Anal Nippon

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Does calling it AnalNippon rather than "Anal Japan" make it more authentic? I don't know, but what I do know is that this is a very good Japanese ass-fucking site. The content has been pulled from different sources, but the 605 videos feel like they belong together. The action is hardcore and usually ends with a creampie. Check out vibrators, dildos, bukkake, food play and more, all focused on sexy Asian asses, of course. Video quality is excellent, so go ahead and stream or save your favorite Asian anal creampies. New scenes get added to the collection every two days and there is a network of sites this site belongs to that you can get into for free by joining and paying one low price! There are over 22 sites in this network with over 3,000 DVDs, over 10,000 videos, over 2,000 models, and over 80,000 pictures! That's a ton of content you just can't turn down. This site is the gateway to probably the biggest and hottest Asian porn on the web!

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Squirting Virgin

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This site features really hot teen babes who didn't know they could squirt during orgasm until this fellow taught them how to get there...enjoy! SquirtingVirgin is a good site for one so new. The quality of the content is very good and there is plenty of squirting going on as well as rough anal sex. The girls are hot, and the fucking and tying up make things a little unique. These guys throw in a lot more bondage type setups than I was expecting, with most girls tied up at least on her wrists, if not more. From there, she gets fucked in many holes, and then is made to squirt for us. The scenes are fun for sure. The high definition quality and exclusive content just add to the fun, as does the network access that's included. With bonus sites and easy navigation, this is a good site to join for fans of 18-23 year old amateurs fucking and squirting. It's part of the Teen Mega World network of sites, and just under $30 a month will get you full access.

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Hardcore Gangbang

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Even though many girls just can't admit it, women do fantasize about having sex with multiple men at once. HG is a brand new site that was launched literally just hours ago and these videos contain depraved and seriously perverted women who need to get their tight pussies and asses pounded by a group of well-hung guys. Every twisted dream that can be formed by a woman's imagination comes alive here. Rough sex at its best is on the agenda for the models and you can see them gasp and gag on a huge dick and get severely fucked. Usually 4 or 5 guys gang up on a girl and force her to take part in their merciless plays. Double penetration, triple penetration (one cock in the pussy, one in the ass and another in the girl's mouth), double vaginal and double anal penetration, hair pulling, face slapping, choking, spanking, squirting, some nasty bondage and of course bukkake are all on the menu, and much more! Join now and as a bonus you'll get free access to BoundGangbangs!

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Wierd Japan

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If you think you've seen it all, wait until you check out WierdJapan. Everything is in Japanese and the scenes are so out there that you'll probably have to read the descriptions to figure out what in the hell is going on. Whether chicks act like cattle in a pen or a waitress jerks off one of her customers in the middle of a busy cafe, it's all kinky and hot. You'll also find another fetish that's uniquely Japanese in style, the human doll. These babes are put on display like any sex doll would be. When a customer wants to try out the merchandise, he just jumps right in and gives it a go. The dolls are positioned and must stay that way. It's quite erotic and for me, the bottom line is... no backtalk! New scenes get added to the collection every two days and there is a network of sites this site belongs to that you can get into for free by joining and paying one low price! There are over 22 sites in this network with over 3,000 DVDs, over 10,000 videos, over 2,000 models, and over 80,000 pictures! That's a ton of content you just can't turn down. This site is the gateway to probably the biggest and hottest Asian porn on the web!

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Kink On Demand

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KinkOnDemand is a unique concept in many ways. You get access to BDSM and fetish content from more than 20 different sites from Kink network. To join more than one of these sites would be kind of an expensive purchase, so from that perspective KinkOnDemand is a more reasonably priced option if you enjoy different types of BDSM. This site is one of the few sites on the market that lets you pick and choose what you want to view. You buy credits called "kinks" to access the content instead of joining for a monthly fee. KinkOnDemand provides completely exclusive content, which is great. There are over 5,833 episodes in mostly high-def videos and the majority of them also include an option for your portable device. They also come with high-res pics in most cases to download in Zip files.

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